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i won't be here until april 19

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if you ever feel like a failure, just remember that jack crawford and the fbi arrested a vegan as the main suspect on a cannibal case


talking to people about my obsessions pretending im just a casual fan

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"Adapt or die."

Hanna (2011), dir. Joe Wright

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Exactly the same thing as Johnlock. Remember Sherohn? Same.

dUDE sherohn was never a thing lmao but actually it was the best thing to ever happen on this website i swear to god

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I just made a network for my followers to talk about brotp/OTP lockson and Mary positivity stuff.

oh, ok. i don’t understand why people are making such a fuss about it ?? i read some non-sense stuff on my dashboard. anyone, i hope it works :-) sounds like a great idea. thanks for answering.

Landscape (detail), by Lionel Constable.

Landscape (detail), by Lionel Constable.

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For people like us the journey itself…is home.
For people like us the journey itself…is home.

I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words. I scatter them … in time, and space. A message to lead myself here.

"The light was so dim that Jaime could scarcely see her, though they stood a scant few feet apart. ‘In this light she could almost be a beauty’, he thought. ‘In this light she could almost be a knight’."—A Storm of Swords (for diet-ragles​)

This is me. Just as a flower does not choose its color, we are not responsible for what we have come to be. Only once you realize this do you become free, and to become adult is to become free.

I hear him breathing behind me, loud and fast. “Are you all right, Four?” “Are you human, Tris? Being up this high…” He gulps for air. “It doesn’t scare you at all?” I look over my shoulder at the ground. If I fall now, I will die.